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ISO 45001 Webinar, an introduction with Chris J Ward

Publication Date for ISO 45001

The new Standard was published on 12 March 2018.  This will mean that OHSAS 18001 will be withdrawn and the last certification date will be March 2021.  On 16 March we will have our self assessment tool and guidance available.  Sign up below if you have not done so already.

Latest News 

The ballot, which ended on 25 January, has approved the FDIS.  93% of the National Standards Bodies who voted approved the FDIS.  Some NSBs made comments which ISO will review.  It is unclear at this stage how long this process will take.  Nevertheless the standard will be published in the next few months, possibly in March 2018. The changes from the DIS2 to the FDIS can be seen in resources where you will see a gap table DIS2 to FDIS.  We will send you more detailed commentary when you register in the form below.

Earlier News 

A communique sent by ISO announces the expected publication date to be February 2018, which is earlier than many predicted.  Publication will only happen if the ballot due to end on 25 January 2018 is successful. The last ballot produced a result of 88% in favour.  Now that  comments and critisms relating to the draft have been addressed the final standard may receive more support.  However unanimity cannot be guaranteed, the objections of one National Standards Body may not be shared with that of another country,  resolution requires compromises.  Nevertheless this communique seems  very confident of  a positive result.