Webinar: How 45001 will help you Lead with Safety

The webinar published by EHS Today, USA's leading OHS magazine is here:  https://bit.ly/2FjpFBy

Are you looking to gain executive support to implement ISO 45001 standards?

Understanding how ISO 45001 will impact your business, let alone building a business case or convincing executive teams to care, can be hard.  Listen (or download the slides) to: 

  • Better understand how you can improve your safety programs with ISO 45001
  • Learn how to quantify the business impact of those changes, and
  • Learn how to articulate the benefits of ISO 45001 to your executive team to drive organizational action.

Webinar: How 45001 will give Organizations a Competitive Advantage

My forthcoming webinar will focus on how to present the case for the positive benefits associated with achieving 45001. You will hear:

  • insights into approaches to convince top management of the advantages of ISO 45001
  • methods by which benefits can be quantified to make the business case
  • techniques and tips that reinforce the message and help you implement ISO 45001
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The webinar presented by myself is hosted by EHS Today, the leading OHS publication and it is sponsored by Intelex.

Date: 28 November @ 1400 EST, + 5 hrs UTC. 
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Accident Investigation Webinar

Describing three incidents, one of which was a major disaster, the second a major scaffolding collapse, and the third a fatal accident: Chris personally investigated the latter two, he shows how minor errors can lead to major accidents. The immediate and underlying causes will be examined using a typical investigation analysis methodology. This information will provide delegates with knowledge and tips on to investigate analyse and develop actionable recommendations.  This will be useful for online training for accident investigation.



Online Training ISO 45001 OHSMS Now Available

Our ISO 45001 online foundation training provides the foundation knowledge to apply ISO 45001 in a way that is relevant to organisational requirements or advise others on the Standard's implications and value.  The differences from OHSAS 18001 are illustrated.  There is an end of course exam and if candidates are successful they receive our Certificate of Achievement.  The course requires a minimum of 3 hours training time and includes the key elements of  "Our Complete Guide to the Standard" (worth £35).  Also included are materials which provide step by step information, supplemented with continuous assessment tests to supply the knowledge and assurance that candidates have retained essential information on the Standard's requirements.  Successfully completing the course should provide the confidence and knowledge to discuss the requirements of the Standard with Top Management and guide others in their roles in implementing the Standard. 

Top Tips for Successful Verification to ISO 45001

In a webinar I described the key priority actions required for successful adoption of ISO 45001.  

  • Gaining Top Management backing, clearly identifying what you want to achieve
  • Measure the gap for the implementation plan
  • Understanding what auditors will want to see

Introduction and Deeper Delving for ISO 45001

If you or or your colleagues are looking for a good grounding as a starter to improving awareness of ISO 45001 OHSMS then read, listen or watch my introduction to ISO 45001.  It is a great starting point to provide a good foundation in what the Standard requires, plus some background reading.  

I will be presenting a follow up where we will be discussing 45001 gap analysis, implementation strategies and guidance.

This link https://bit.ly/2O27KPk takes you to the host site of the articles, Convergence Training.

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Top Five Takeaways from recent ISO 45001 workshop see Chris J Ward's presentation

1.  Momentum for 45001 is increasing as Nations adopt the Standard, notably the USA’s national standards' agency, ANSI, later this year.  In addition to the >1m already working to 9001/14001 as existing Integrated Management Standards who will probably migrate to 45001.

2.  Attendees declared how important 45001 will be as a prequalification requirement for tendering.

3.  How critical it will be to engage and gain the support of Top Management and workers, where for the latter, hand held devices will lead to better engagement and participation.

4.  The standard provides increased flexibility for proof of performance through a move away from documents/records/manuals to “documented information” – defined as sourced from any media, e.g. phone pics, audio.

5.  Verification of compliance can be achieved by self-audit to help manage costs, rather than certification by a 3rd party. Top management need to know their compliance status, again hand-held devices could provide the means to do this.

Read full proceedings discussion

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Top Download:  Chris J Ward's Intelex Whitepaper discusses ISO 45001

  • Why the Standard will create an impact in the World
  • Who has accountability
  • The effects it will have on supply chains
  • What is meant by leadership, context and effective worker engagement
  • Download here now

News March 2018: Migration from OHSAS 18001 

ISO 45001 was published on 12 March 2018, and consequently OHSAS 18001 will be withdrawn in March 2021.  BSI have declared that they will accept certification to OHSAS 18001 for a further three years.  So, is it best to adopt 45001 immediately or gradually migrate to the new standard?  That decision will depend on an individual organisation's circumstances.  See the gap tables in Resources.  Our Implementation Planner will evaluate your current position and status and give you a clear indication of what steps you need to take to achieve the requirements of ISO 45001.