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This revised edition incorporates technical interpretation to reflect readers need for more detailed information.  To start the conversation with top management and across other functions of an organisation this Guide forms the basis for a general understanding of the Standard.  It will appeal to practitioners, consultants, trainers and generalists with its explanation of the definitions and clauses and the mandatory documentation needed.  The graphics bring to life the key action points.  It will save readers the time of reading the Standard, interpreting and researching its meanings and application. This publication is an advanced revision of the author’s original “Guide to Requirements of ISO 45001” 

For Sale on Amazon, price dependent on promotions.  
At or about £35 for this the Complete Guide.  
At or about £25 for the original Guide.


Our on-line training provides the foundation knowledge to enable you to apply ISO 45001 in a way that is relevant to organisational requirements or advise others on the Standard's implications and value.  The differences from OHSAS 18001 are illustrated.  There is an end of course exam and if candidates are successful they receive our Certificate of Achievement.  The course requires a minimum of 3 hours training time and includes the key elements of  "Our Complete Guide to the Standard" (worth £35).  Also included are materials which provide step by step information, supplemented with continuous assessment tests to supply the knowledge and assurance that candidates have retained essential information on the Standard's requirements.  Successfully completing the course should provide the confidence and knowledge to discuss the requirements of the Standard with Top Management and guide others in their roles in implementing the Standard.                                                                                                                              
                                                                                                           Course fee: £89.00 

ISO 45001 Implementation Planner 

This is a personalised Plan Do Check Act evaluation of your current status for each clause from which we create your guidance report specific to your business.  It is unique in that it provides a customised road map of practical actions needed to achieve compliance with the Standard.  This tool will save days of on-site consultancy time.  The report enables you to populate your implementation plan saving you even more time and effort and gives you the information to enable you to plan for the costs of implementation.  An explanation guide is included to inform you of the Standard's requirements.  The guide is written in such a style that it is not essential to have a copy of the Standard.


Template Library

This library of 72 templates will provide the detailed framework for planning your implementation of ISO 45001, and form the means by which you can record documentation to meet the requirements of the Standard.



Our experts can discuss your needs in relation to ISO 45001 and provide you with practical solutions to comply with the Standard.  They can also provide similar services for other Integrated Management Standards and for OHSAS 18001.  Guidance can be given as to how to use our products and help you achieve your goals of compliance to the requirements.  Consultation is available either on-line wherever you are located or by on-site services in the UK.  You can book your consultation here by using this link, the fees quoted are on an hourly basis.

£50.00 Per Hour