IMS Global Standards

ISO 45001 Self Assessment Tool

A personalised Plan Do Check Act evaluation of your current status generating a guidance report specific to your business.  It is unique in that it provides a customised road map of practical actions needed to achieve compliance with the Standard.

How it will work for you

You complete the detailed assessment form which is then evaluated by our experts who establish your current status.  We then provide you with your unique response report.  Following which you can arrange an hour long consultation with one of our team to discuss the findings.

Gap Analysis

The self assessment tool generates a gap analysis in relation to each of the clauses that provides you with a detailed road map to reach compliance with the requirements of the Standard.  The relationship status to ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 is also supplied.

Your Report

Your current position in relation to each clause is assessed and clear guidance is given as to how to achieve your next step by using our unique Plan, Do, Check, Act process in relation to the requirements of the Standard.

Implementation Plan

Your responses will generate a personalised report designed to meet your individual requirements.  This forms the basis of your implementation plan.  For each clause there are signposts to provide links to further relevant information. 

Further Support

Our other products include training, consultation, a template library and guidance to reach your goals.  We offer classroom training in the UK, and provide online consultancy.  We will soon have online training for auditing, conversion and foundation courses.